CA Crest Competition

By Matty CA


[UPDATE]: We’ve reviewed the submissions, and we’re pleased to announce that the winners are as follows:

crest comp winners

We loved seeing such creativity – and so many backstories – in the crests of our community, and picking the final five was not easy. Those five will receive a code to unlock our exclusive CA crest, and they and the runners up will take pride of place in our new Community Crests gallery on Facebook, which launches this weekend.

Thank you all for taking part! Keep it regal!

Greetings, lords and ladies! We have been gifted the hallowed relic of Creative Assembly crests for use in Total War Battles: KINGDOM.

If this crest design appeals to you, you have a chance to win the ability to use it yourself! Simply head to Twitter or Facebook and share a picture of your current crest with us.

We will judge the results over the course of tomorrow, and on Thursday, will reveal the winners.

You can view the terms and conditions here:

May the best crests win!


Greetings, lords and ladies!

We’ve organised a clue-hunt in order to help celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday this weekend. The first 90 people to solve the code and enter it in KINGDOM will receive 90 gold.

In order to find the code, you must take the FIRST LETTER of each answer to the following questions, and assemble them in the order the questions were asked.

The questions are as follows:

  1. Where does the Queen officially reside in London?
  2. Of which Royal House is Queen Elizabeth a member?
  3. What is the first name of her heir to the throne?
  4. What does “HRM” stand for?
  5. Where are the Crown Jewels stored? (Hint: drop the “The” at the start.)
  6. To whom is the Queen married?
  7. In which year was the Queen’s coronation announced? Take the last number of that year.
  8. Where did the coronation take place?
  9. A special recipe was devised for the Coronation. What was the primary ingredient?
  10. Complete the term for vessels named in honour of the Queen: “Her Majesty’s ____”

A Note of Thanks

By Matty CA

Greetings, lords and ladies,

We’ve been thrilled to receive so many positive, passionate reviews of KINGDOM since it launched from our community, on iOS, Android, Twitter, Facebook and more. We’ve created a special image to showcase some of our favourites, and as a special thank you, we’ve also assembled a fan kit that you can download – it contains various images you can use for Twitter, YouTube, your phone, and more.

We hope you enjoy our gift, and thank you once again for giving us the feedback to create the image below. You can download the fankit by clicking this link. Keep it regal!


Greetings Lords and Ladies,


The key to being an excellent general is knowing your troops and their capabilities. So today we’re having a closer look at how units work in the game, how you acquire them, how you can improve them, their strengths and weaknesses, and more.

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