Greetings, lords and ladies.

Recently we were fortunate enough to read some of the epic fan-fiction many of you created to explain the history of your Realm’s Crest. We were amazed to see such creativity, and would love for you all to expand your ideas out into something bigger.

The rules are simple, and as follows:

  1. Each piece must be between 400 and 500 words, and in English*.
  2. It must be about KINGDOM – we’re as fond of Sonic the Hedgehog as you are, but focus on your Realm and what may take place in it! A Queen fighting on the battlefield, a knight foiling a murder plot – there are many options to choose from.
  3. Please keep it family-friendly. No adult content will be accepted as an entry. Even if references to a King’s sceptre may make us laugh.
  4. You must submit it in writing to our Facebook page – there are limits to how long comments can be, so we recommend sending it as a message.
  5. The completion will run for two weeks, and the winner will be announced on Monday the 27th of June.
  6. The full terms and conditions of this competition can be found here:
  7. There are three prizes available. Third prize will be 50 gold, second prize will be 100 gold and first prize will be 100 gold and a filmed video of KINGDOM staff performing a dramatic reading of the winning piece.

If you need some inspiration, we highly recommend our Instagram feed, as it’s full of artwork, screenshots and more:

All the best for the competition – keep it regal!

*we apologise for the language requirement, but we want to be sure we can judge the quality of prose properly.

CA Crest Competition

By Matty CA


[UPDATE]: We’ve reviewed the submissions, and we’re pleased to announce that the winners are as follows:

crest comp winners

We loved seeing such creativity – and so many backstories – in the crests of our community, and picking the final five was not easy. Those five will receive a code to unlock our exclusive CA crest, and they and the runners up will take pride of place in our new Community Crests gallery on Facebook, which launches this weekend.

Thank you all for taking part! Keep it regal!

Greetings, lords and ladies! We have been gifted the hallowed relic of Creative Assembly crests for use in Total War Battles: KINGDOM.

If this crest design appeals to you, you have a chance to win the ability to use it yourself! Simply head to Twitter or Facebook and share a picture of your current crest with us.

We will judge the results over the course of tomorrow, and on Thursday, will reveal the winners.

You can view the terms and conditions here:

May the best crests win!