Greetings, lords and ladies! As many of you know, KINGDOM has four regions – US East, US West, ASIA and EU. Next Monday, we will be taking the game offline for a day in order to create a single, unified KINGDOM.

What this means for players is better multiplayer, as there’ll be four servers’ worth of players looking for duels. It also means more competition for monthly archive entries and weekly Outposts, which should make things far more interesting as veteran lords and ladies face off against brand new opponents.

Lastly, it means there’s no longer a region lock on friends lists – you can add anyone to your friends list from anywhere in KINGDOM.

If you’ve got any questions, by all means ask them! We’re here to help.

Greetings Lords and Ladies,


The key to being an excellent general is knowing your troops and their capabilities. So today we’re having a closer look at how units work in the game, how you acquire them, how you can improve them, their strengths and weaknesses, and more.

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Dev Blog 6 – Orders

By Matty CA

When setting up your army there are many things to consider. Do you have enough ranged support? Should you rely on a strong cavalry charge or a sturdy infantry line? Which artillery complements your setup best? While your troops form the foundation of your army, it is the Orders that provide that special edge.

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